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Florida’s Child Protection Law and the Groomers Who Hate It

A lot of Americans can’t wait to conscript children into our weird, sick cultural fads. That’s how it’s seemed to me, reading about the reaction to this new state law in Florida.

This is the law that prohibits sex ed in all public schools from kindergarten through the third grade.

“Kindergarten through the third grade” means ages three to seven or eight. It seems astonishing to me that anyone would want such little children to be taught about sex, let alone that there are so many people wanting it that a law has to be passed to restrain them.

Do these people not have any kids of their own? Even if they don’t—and you have to suspect they mostly don’t, while feeling sorry for the kids of those who do—do they not have any memories of their own childhood, of what it was like to be six or seven years old?

And of course this isn’t sex ed as we understood it fifty years ago—the birds and the bees. This is the postmodern ideological cult that there is no such thing as sex, that sex is merely a “social construct,” a sort of optical illusion. You can be any sex you want to be! Read more…

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