Former MSNBC Host Shreds Network for “Feverish Russian Conspiracy Theories”

While cohosting The Hill’s “Rising,” host Krystal Ball blasted her former employer MSNBC for its “feverish Russian conspiracy theories” and pondered “just how much damage has MSNBC in particular done to the Left.” Likening the network to the fringe Infowars, Ball fumed, “I dare to say, some talent did drink more deeply of the Russian conspiracy waters than others. Rachel Maddow, you’ve got some explaining to do.” Alas, we’re perfectly fine with Maddow digging a deeper hole. In fact, here’s another shovel.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Ex-MSNBC host Krystal Ball slammed her former network on Thursday for promoting “feverish Russian conspiracy theories,” comparing the far-left network to Infowars and saying they are “not journalism.”

Ball, who made the remarks while co-hosting The Hill’s “Rising,” launched the attacks against her former network after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s disastrous testimony on Wednesday in front of Congress.

“I can no longer avoid pondering a question which honestly gives me no joy to ponder: just how much damage has MSNBC in particular done to the Left?” Ball said.

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