Former Trump Advisor Just Spilled the Beans on Top Traitor

Former Trump administration official Catharine O’Neill is blowing the whistle on how former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo allowed the deep state to target patriots and Trump loyalists and looked the other way.

O’Neill, who worked at the Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development in the Trump administration, was targeted by the deep state because of her patriotic political beliefs for a revocation of her security clearance. Pompeo did nothing to stop this from happening. O’Neill blew the whistle in response to a question from journalist Mike Cernovich.

“How many of you know that [former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo] pulled the security clearances of Trump’s most loyal supporters?” Cernovich asked in a Twitter post.

“Unfortunately I was one of those people. I almost lost my clearance because I was politically targeted. Secretary [Mike Pompeo] and his team did NOTHING to help me,” O’Neill wrote in response. Read more…

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