FOX News Poll: When Adjusted for Party Affiliation and Reality – Trump is Destroying Hiden’ Biden

FOX News came out this morning with the results of its poll where they again show former Obama Vice President Biden ahead of President Trump in the polls – 51%-46%.  This is in spite of no excitement for candidate Biden who is taking questions using a teleprompter and can’t seem to get out of his basement.

Anyone can see that Joe Biden is but a shell of a person that he once was.  Biden now is sadly suffering from senility and possible Alzheimer’s disease.  He is holding tiny events with no enthusiasm at all.  So the results of the FOX poll are puzzling at best and have been for some time.

The good news for Trump supporters coming from the apparent biased poll is that over 50% of those polled believe President Trump will win the election.

Overall though the poll results clearly are tainted.  So we decided to look into the data, or at least what we could find.

One item that jumps out immediately is the sample sizes used in the poll.  According to the poll data the FOX poll used 49% Democrats and 46% Republicans and 5% Independent in their poll

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