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France’s Top Truth-Speaker Has Changed Politics

His rejection numbers are higher than any of these opponents.

And yet amid this electoral jockeying, Zemmour’s views are not just popular among the population, but increasingly reflect a turn within the French political establishment itself. This Zemmourization is most evident on the flashpoint issues Zemmour himself calls the “four I’s”: immigration, identity, insecurity, and Islam. France’s politicians, including its current government, are steering sharply to the right to adjust to this new political reality. While a Zemmour presidency still seems unlikely, his ideas will shape France’s politics for years to come.

Zemmour believes France is on the verge of extinction. It is an existential dread that can be found in Michel Houellebecq’s novel Soumission, published in 2015 on the day of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Set in the near future, an Islamist politician wins the presidential election, sparking a mass exodus of French Jews toward Israel. This fictional account already reflects a reality in France: the number of French Jews making aliyah to Israel has accelerated in the past two decades. Houellebecq’s main character, a white agnostic French man, comes to the realization that “there isn’t an Israel for people like me,” and ends up embracing the new Islamist order in France. It is a thought that haunts Zemmour, who argues that the 2022 presidential election is France’s last chance before demographic trends become overwhelming and any prospect of maintaining its republican political order disappears.

Zemmour endorses the concept of the “Great Replacement,” developed by the far-right intellectual Renaud Camus. It refers to the argument that political elites are using immigration to progressively substitute native Europeans with immigrants, especially those from the Middle East and Africa. Zemmour believes that France will face a civil war in the near future—or at the very least, some form of profound ethnic and religious partition—if the vast demographic change that has occurred over the past 50 years is not checked. Read more…

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