Freudian Slip: ‘Obama Admin Has Done’ Everything Possible on Trump/Russia

For over a week now we’ve reported on the growing reality of Obama’s coordinated ‘silent coup’ to undermine the Trump administration, which is being run from his new home in DC.

Now Maxine Waters, who clearly likes the taste of feet in her mouth, experienced a Freudian slip and revealed more than she intended about Obama’s efforts.


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The enemies of Donald Trump’s enemies are not his friends.

Maxine Waters gave John McCain and Lindsey Graham high praise on Friday night for their campaign against Donald Trump and his alleged connections to Russia.

Waters told Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s “All In” that she supports the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the matter, saying it’s more credible than the House Intel Committee’s efforts.

Calling for a “9/11-style commission,” Waters said, “I think we’re gonna have to do everything that we possibly can to take the investigations out of the House and even out of the Senate.

“Even though I have more feelings about it being in the House and not thinking that it can really be credible than I do in the Senate,” she said.

After being asked if she trusts the Senate more than the House, Waters said, “I trust that in Intelligence Committee of the Senate is more serious about looking at this.

“And I want to tell you I really do trust John McCain and Lindsey (Graham) to make sure that something serious is done to get to the bottom of this on the Senate side.”

She reiterated that she doesn’t “trust the Republicans on the House side.”

Earlier in the same interview, Waters seemed to acknowledge Obama holdovers are behind the recent leaks.

She said the “Obama administration has done everything it can possibly do” to release information on “some of the meetings and some of the connections.”

She didn’t indicate whether that information was leaked prior to the election, or if she was referring to Obama administration holdovers still in the government today.

Watch the video:

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