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Frugal Dad’s Advice on Inflation: “We Were Made For This”

Extremely frugal families are coping with record-high inflation by doing what they’ve always done: not spending money.

“It doesn’t affect us as much because of the way we shop,” says Art Shillito, who along with his wife, Janelle, forgo shopping lists and mostly buy marked-down items. The Burnt Hills, N.Y., couple say they’ve spent an average $364.74 a month this year to feed their family of 11, which is below last year’s monthly average of $500.

With high inflation costing many Americans more, a small but enthusiastic group of already-super-frugal people are taking their saving strategies further. Some of their tactics: checking wholesalers for sharply reduced “distressed” foods with damaged packaging; designating no-spend months when they abstain from buying nonessentials; and auditing one or two categories of spending to see where they can shave costs…

“Frugality is definitely in fashion right now,” says Amanda L. Grossman, a certified financial education instructor in El Paso, Texas. “But be frugal in good times and bad times. That’s how you get ahead.” Read more…

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