Galiga Predicts Massive Stock Records During Trump Era

Last week we shared reports from economic experts who are predicting a major global economic collapse in the near future due to unstable financial systems and over-leveraged central banks in the developed world. Though no one can know with certainty when such an event might occur, there are telltale signs based on what might precede it.


Financial guru Mike Galiga offers an example of what some of those telltale signs may be. Explaining that foreign investment dollars are increasingly flooding into the U.S. markets, he details that the seeds both of a potential global collapse and a massive U.S. expansion are being sewn.

Detailing this scenario, Galiga advised, “Foreign assets are flying into the U.S. with unprecedented speed. Europe, India and all of the Asian sectors are seeing an exodus of investors who are seeking safe harbor for their dollars.”

That would explain some of the recent spikes in the Dow Jones and other indexes, continues Galiga. The renewed confidence in the White House ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration will likely continue to pour gasoline on investors’ confidence in U.S. markets.

Galiga went further with an even bolder prediction: “If conditions in the Eurozone and Asian markets continue to flounder — and there’s very little evidence that they won’t — we could see the biggest expansion in the American economy in history. That may mean the Dow’s recent record will be utterly eclipsed by much larger records.”

He detailed that the Dow could see a high-water mark of as much as 30,000 points or more by 2020. However, he warned, that is the bubble that will presage a massive collapse in the U.S. market, which would cause a global domino-effect.

Galiga echoes recent comments concerning the fundamentals of the economy still being absent after the 2008 Great Recession. “There will always be bubbles in the global economy. They’ve been occurring for millennia. The only uncertain question is when and how big. But the pin that will prick the next global bubble is already there. Debts being amassed by central banks and by consumers are reaching entirely unprecedented levels, and that debt is totally unsustainable,” he warned.

The takeaway, Galiga advised, is that the boom and bust cycle of the global economy will continue and that opportunities to grow and protect wealth are huge for those who see the signs ahead of time. The expansion of the Dow to 30,000 in three years alone presents investors with an opportunity to more than double their money if placed in the right sectors.

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