Gallup Poll: Republicans Dramatically Less Terrified Of Coronavirus Than Democrats

Milwaukee resident Jennifer Taff holds a sign as she waits in line to vote at Washington High School in Milwaukee on April 7, 2020. “I’m disgusted. I requested an absentee ballot almost three weeks ago and never got it. I have a father dying from lung disease and I have to risk my life and his just to exercise my right to vote." She said she'd been in line almost two hours.

A new analysis of Gallup data out last week shows a stark partisan contrast in how the public perceives the coronavirus threat to their personal health.

According to data from the Gallup Panel conducting research on public opinion throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Republicans were far less terrified of the novel Chinese virus than Democrats.

Seventy percent of Democratic men, and 80 percent of Democratic women were “worried about getting the coronavirus” while only 20 percent of Republican men and 29 percent of Republican women reported the same. Those concerns, the data show, has translated into impacting their behavior. Seventy percent of Democratic men and 73 percent of Democratic women reported avoiding public placed over fear of the virus, and only 31 percent of Republican men and 38 percent of Republican women repeated the behavior.

Stark differences in mask usage was also shown with 90 percent of Democratic men and 93 percent of Democratic women reporting mask compliance where social distancing isn’t possible in indoor settings. Only 40 percent of Republican men and 56 percent of Republican women said the same. Read more…

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