Gangsta: BLM Founder Gets 6 Years For Election Fraud

Far-left activist Pamela Moses, a prominent Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizer in Memphis, Tenn., has received six years in prison for voter fraud.

Moses, 44, was found guilty of registering to vote illegally because of previous felony charges which occurred in 2015. Judge Michael Ward accused Moses of lying to a probation officer in order to illegally obtain voting privileges.

“You tricked the probation department into giving you documents saying you were off probation,” Ward told Moses in court.

Moses had pleaded guilty of felony evidence tampering and forgery years ago. She was spared a jail sentence and received seven-years probation as a result of her guilty plea. The evidence tampering charge made her ineligible to vote. Moses claimed ignorance in order to justify her illegal voting, but the court was not buying it. Read more…

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