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Gavin Newsom Launches a ‘Hate Hotline’ to Police Pronouns

For the record, my pronouns are drop/dead/in a ditch.

But Californians who experience the unmitigated Lovecraftian horror of being referred to by the wrong pronouns now have a way of righting such a grievous wrong. In a state that has long since passed the status of post-apocalyptic radioactive wasteland, Governor Gavin Newsom has set his sights on the issue of “attacks on actual or perceived identities.” Those who have suffered such indignities now have a website and a hotline they can access to report these assaults. I’m not kidding. California now has a pronoun hotline, since there is no more pressing business with which it needs to contend.

According to a report in The Washington Free Beacon, people who have sustained pronoun/identity trauma at the hands of heartless cultural troglodytes can report their plight to the state through the effort known as “CA v Hate.” However, at this point, it is unclear what the California Overlords will do with this data. But the information will probably prove useful at some time in the future when Gavin decides to run for president and enjoy rides on Hair Gel One. But it may also be leveraged when the state legislators decide that it is high time for another law to remind Golden State residents just how lucky they are to be so miserable. Read more…

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