George Soros, NFL Players Union Best of Pals Against Trump

This week the NFL hit new lows with its core fan base down 31% and a fall from grace as Americans’ number one sport.

That might explain why players are mysteriously no longer taking a knee during the national anthem.

But the NFL’s long nightmare isn’t over yet.

Its tanking viewership numbers and lost advertisers will likely continue after it was revealed this week that the NFL Players Association, the official union for all players, is cozy in bed with a gaggle of liberal groups, including George Soros.

The NFLPA has for some time been donating money to groups like Planned Parenthood, pro-Amnesty groups, and the Open Society Foundation, founded by none other than Soros himself.

There’s really no need for further evidence of a profound disconnect between the NFL and its fan base.

But dollars speak volumes, and the NFL’s loss of tens of millions will force them to change or die.

Here’s more from American Mirror…

Follow the money to find the truth, and in this case, it leads squarely to the doorstep of George Soros and other radical far-left advocacy groups.

And as it turns out, the Colin Kaepernick-inspired national anthem protests may not have been such an organic, grassroots uprising after all.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) doesn’t appear to be on the same political page as many of its fans, so its no wonder they would rather keep the lid on the causes it supports.

That lid was popped open on Friday by 2ndVote, a conservative watchdog organization for corporate activism.

The National Football League Players Association has recently financially supported a veritable “who’s who” list of far-left organizations, from Planned Parenthood to organizations protesting the deportation of illegal immigrants, among many others.

One such recipient is none other than the Open Society Foundation, chaired by billionaire George Soros.

2ndVote has found the NFLPA provides financial support to Soros’ Center for Community Change Action, the social justice arm of the organization, which, according to the Washington Free Beacon, “has been involved in direct action against President Donald Trump and Republicans before and after the November elections.”

The NFLPA has been donating to several far-left and anti-trump causes dating back to at least 2013.

Soros has a long history of funding some of the most radical and far-left causes in the United States.

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