George Soros Quietly Taking Over American Cities

All politics is local, and its local politics where George Soros has had the most success.

Unlike presidential races where even tens of millions of dollars in spending will only amount to a few percent of overall spending, Soros has been able to drown local races in cash, making it virtually impossible for anyone to compete with his desired candidate.

Countless District Attorney’s nationwide won their races with Soros’ backing – including Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, Los Angeles’ George Gascón, Contra Costa County’s Diane Becton, St. Louis’ Kim Gardner, Chicago’s Kim Foxx, Loudon County’s Buta Biberaj, Portland’s Mike Schmidt, Suffolk County’s Rachel Rollins, and many, many more.

Soros’ undermining of law and order in America at the local level is continuing into 2021, with him quietly investing $200,000 into another far-left prosecutor in Virginia this month.

According to Fox News:

Soros’s cash infusion, which has slipped under the radar, includes $157,000 from his Justice & Public Safety PAC and $41,500 from his Democracy PAC to Ramin Fatehi, a state and federal prosecutor who won a three-way Democratic primary on June 8. He is now the only candidate on the ballot for the November general election for Norfolk’s commonwealth’s attorney.

Fatehi favors lax enforcement and views crime as a “symptom of structural racism.” According to his campaign website, Fatehi supports decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana possession, abolishing cash bail, abolishing the jury trial penalty, and making the system honor “the principle that Black Lives Matter.” Read more…

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