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Georgia GOP Found Showering Benefits on Illegals

Republican legislators in Georgia are trying to dodge debate over the rising cheap-labor migration into their state — but they also are drafting bills that would steer more illegal migrants into the jobs and homes needed by young Georgians.

“Those of us who are in the [Georgia] Capitol for the last 18 years know that the big business lobby run by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce does not want any discussion about the hidden costs of black-market labor,” said D.A. King, founder of the Dustin Inman Society, which opposes illegal migration.

“Most legislators under Georgia’s gold-domed capitol would rather have a root canal while sitting in a chair of broken glass than discuss black-market labor and illegal migration in Georgia,” King told Breitbart News.

The state is home to at least 400,000 illegal migrants and roughly 800,000 legal migrants, according to a 2020 estimate by a pro-migration group. Companies also ship in foreign workers, often illegally, to take low-wage, shorter-term jobs that would otherwise provide family wages to Georgians. In 2020, for example, then-GOP Rep. Doug Collins stopped an illegal scheme to import Korean construction workers for a battery factory in Jackson County. Read more…

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