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Germany OK’s Luftwaffe Re-Armament Amid Russia Fears

The Russian war in Ukraine has very belatedly sent one lead NATO country into a defense spending spree. Before the Feb.24 invasion, Germany wouldn’t so much as let its weapons be transferred to Kiev via allies – wanting to present a sense of neutrality with Moscow – but now with all prior reluctance apparently abandoned, Berlin is poised to rapidly beef up its advanced fighter jet capability: “Germany plans to buy up to 35 US-made F-35 fighter jets and 15 Eurofighter jets, a parliamentary source said Monday, as part of a major push to modernize the armed forces in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Bloomberg reports Monday.

The Lockheed-produced jets look to be acquired in the “dozens” – taking up a big chunk of Germany’s proposed defense budget which will be north of 50 billion euros this year, acknowledged as a “record high”. This as Germany has agreed to boost defense spending above 2% of gross domestic product – something which NATO had previously been frequently lectured on by Trump. Read more…

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