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Get Ready for the Enviromaniacs’ Great Reset Diet

A recent feature video released by Business Insider highlighted the farming of crickets for human consumption, echoing ongoing calls from environmentalists hoping to save the planet by replacing beef with bugs in the American diet.

Posted Friday on Twitter, the seven-minute video gives a glimpse into the work undertaken at Canada’s Entomo Farms, which according to the outlet harvests roughly 50 million crickets per week to use in food for human consumption.

“We went inside Canada’s Entomo farms to see how they turn crickets from bugs to brunch,” the narrator states.

According to the video report, the crickets raised at the farm can be ground down into a powder that can be used like flour, or consumers can “snack on them whole like chips.”

“Though you may be thinking this is a strange choice for food, crickets actually contain more protein than beef without any of the environmental damage,” the video’s narrator said. Read more…

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