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Get Ready! Ron DeSantis Makes His Move for 2024!

After months of anticipation, the conservative superstar and Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, is about to shake up the race for the White House. Insider sources confirm that DeSantis will formally declare his candidacy for president by filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission next week. The news, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, has sent shockwaves through the political landscape.

DeSantis is not wasting any time. Alongside his filing, he is set to meet with influential financial backers in Miami, Florida. This strategic move allows him to start soliciting donations for his presidential campaign, igniting what is expected to be a formidable fundraising machine.

With a record-breaking $110 million cash on hand from his gubernatorial campaign, DeSantis is poised to leverage his financial strength. The super PAC, Never Back Down, which supports DeSantis, is likely to benefit from the transfer of these funds. Details about an official campaign kickoff event are yet to be revealed, but the anticipation is growing.

The governor has been making significant moves in recent days, leaving no doubt that a campaign announcement is imminent. His political team has relocated to new offices, signaling a clear shift toward a presidential run. Moreover, DeSantis has severed ties with his longtime state committee, Friends of Ron DeSantis, to comply with federal campaign finance regulations.

While DeSantis remains tight-lipped about his decision, his actions speak volumes. He has been making multiple stops in early voting states, including Iowa and New Hampshire, indicating a strong interest in the 2024 presidential race. Polling consistently places him as the top contender behind former President Donald Trump, who is expected to announce his candidacy as well.

DeSantis has become a conservative icon, gaining nationwide recognition for his principled stance against pandemic restrictions, his unyielding defense of American values, and his dedication to policy victories. His accomplishments in Florida, such as the six-week abortion ban, tougher immigration laws, and protecting Second Amendment rights, have cemented his reputation as a strong conservative leader.

As the Republican field takes shape, DeSantis stands out as a force to be reckoned with. With his transformative governance in Florida and his unwavering commitment to conservative principles, DeSantis presents himself as the candidate who can lead the nation forward. As the race heats up, all eyes will be on Ron DeSantis as he sets out to reshape the future of America.

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