Girl Scouts Miffed that Boy Scouts Are Now A ‘Competitor’

Lots of folks reacted negatively to the announcement yesterday by the Boy Scouts that, beginning next year, girls will be admitted to the ranks and allowed to ascend to the perch of Eagle Scout.

And to precisely no one’s surprise, the Girl Scouts are not very happy.

Now, in proper PC fashion, one might think that more opportunities for young women to learn character and leadership would be a good thing.

But lo, an organization admitting girls to its ranks is now considered, according to Lisa Margosian, Chief Customer Officer of the Girl Scouts, ‘competition’.

Which begs the obvious question: what business exactly are they in such that another operation might be a threat to market share.

Cookies, of course.

The Girl Scouts has ever been a ‘non-profit’ operation expounding liberal, feminist ideology-for-profit, essentially relying on child labor for its revenue.

So the Boy Scouts encroaching on its labor and customer base is clearly a threat.

Here’s more from Redstate…

On Wednesday, the Boy Scouts of America announced they would be allowing girls into their organization. The move was met with negativity by many, but adding to the heap was the Girl Scouts itself.

In a statement released by Lisa Margosian, Chief Customer Officer for the Girl Scouts, the organization noted that they were not consulted by the Boy Scouts about the decision to allow girls into their ranks, but that the Girl Scouts had learned about the plan through various channels.

The Girl Scouts said they were “disappointed” in the way the BSA handled the situation, and accused the BSA of including women in order to pad their declining numbers.

The Girl Scouts don’t seem worried about having to compete with the BSA for members, as they said they have much more experience into catering to the needs of girls.

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