Global Cooling: Record High Snow, Record Low Temps

Global warming co-religionists are still planning on continuing their eco-apocalyptic madness…just as soon as they can dig out from the snow storm.

Much to their global hot-air chagrin, temperatures are hitting record lows all over the country.

Over five feet of snow was dumped in Pennsylvania this week in just 36 hours.

The Gulf states saw snow recently which almost never happens.

Minnesota just hit a new record low of -36 degrees.

And the heartland is about to see an arctic blast that is a once-in-a-decade event.

But as we noted previously, ‘scientists’ already have a pet theory ready to explain how global warming is causing global cooling.

Since the world is coming to a swift end, we might as well go skiing.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

A Pennsylvania county was pummeled with 60 inches of snow in two days, breaking records and requiring the national guard to help keep the roads and county residents safe.

Starting on Christmas Eve, a massive snow storm swept through Northern Erie County, Penn., accumulating to over 60 inches of snow by late Tuesday afternoon, according to Cleveland’s National Weather Service (NWS), reports.

Thirty-four inches of snow fell on Christmas Day, marking an all-time record for single-day snowfall in Erie. We’ve never seen such “astronomical snow totals over the last 48 hours,” NWS Cleveland meteorologist, Zach Sefcovic, told GoErie.

Cleveland’s NWS also tweeted about the insane amount of snow, which now totals almost 64 inches.

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper signed a declaration of disaster emergency early Tuesday afternoon, followed by a call on the National Guard to help alleviate safety concerns and road impasses.

Mayor Joe Sinnott told GoErie that the city had been watching the weather and was prepared for the storm but not for the magnitude of snow.

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