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Globalists Are Pushing the “Bug Diet” Again…

You might have noticed that various media outlets and companies have been pushing the idea that eating insects are a good substitute for protein compared to meat.

Over the years, stories have surfaced about the benefits of eating bugs and plant-based meats like the “impossible burger” instead of chicken and steak. So-called “conspiracy theorists” have equated this push to the World Economic Forum’s “you will own nothing and be happy” platform that includes humans consuming bugs for environmental reasons.

That concern is panning out to be valid more and more by the day, as snack foods are now being made with crickets (often without consumer knowledge) as a primary ingredient.

For example, a Canadian food brand called ActuallyFoods lists Organic Cricket Flour as one of its ingredients. Then they claim their latest cheese puffs are “actually” good for you, and that they are a “smarter way to snack.” Read more…

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