Google Bias: Fact-Check Feature Targets Conservative Sites

You may want to sit down before reading this because we’re certain the shock will have you on the floor.

Google is a biased leftwing political hack-firm [we’ll wait for you to regain composure].

Now with the obvious out of the way, the search giant’s new fact-checking feature has been exposed as a thinly-veiled tool to flag conservative websites almost exclusively.

Very, very few hard-left sites are flagged, while nearly every conservative site has been.

This news shouldn’t come as much surprise given the recent lawsuit by a former Google employee who argues he was fired because he’s a conservative.

The reality of new media is now like a football game wherein a team must defeat both the opposing players and the referees.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Looking up various news and opinion sites on Google will open up a window on the right-hand side that features various bits of info about the site, as well as the topics they write about. On many sites, it will also include a “Reviewed Claims” section that will fact-check many of the articles the site puts up…that is, if you’re a conservative site.

The issue was first brought to the public’s attention by the Daily Caller, who noted that its own site had its articles reviewed for facts. The trouble is that the fact-checkers were sources with repeatedly proven biases toward the left like Snopes, or Climate Feedback.

The Daily Caller noted with examples that the fact-checking done by these sites is hardly reliable, as demonstrated by the fact checkers saying TheDC made a claim it didn’t, and reported that what they claimed was false.

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