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Google Introduces ‘Racial Recognition Software’

To be at least somewhat fair to Google, their push to develop new technology to “measure skin tone” also measures how brown or Black you are. And at least on the surface, they’re not talking about a system to provide digital enhancements to Critical Race Theory programs. (Or at least… not yet.) The new project, as described to Reuters, is purportedly trying to improve facial recognition software and determine if many of the programs available on the market today are “biased” against persons of color. If you find yourself thinking that a software program is incapable of secretly harboring a racist agenda, I would definitely agree with you. But that doesn’t mean that the algorithms can’t be seriously flawed and produce spectacularly incorrect results when broken down along racial lines. Assuming they manage to pull this off, however, how long do you think it will be before this new technology is unleashed in the field of “racial justice” applications? Read more…

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