GOP Senators: Becerra Confirmation Would Mean Leftist Culture Wars

Biden's Hitman

The confirmation of Xavier Becerra as head of the most sweeping federal health agency will mean “culture wars” driven by divisive liberal policies, Senate Republicans say.

“Xavier Becerra isn’t an experienced consensus leader, he’s a culture war super-soldier with a long history of attacking First Amendment freedoms,” Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse said.

“Culture wars are poison to self-government, especially during a real public health crisis. The Senate should reject his divisive nomination,” he said.

Sasse, who sits on the Senate Finance Committee, had a heated exchange with Biden’s nominee in his confirmation hearing last week in which he attacked Becerra for “bullying” an order of nuns that cares for the elderly poor, referencing Becerra’s lawsuit against the Trump administration’s move to allow faith-based ministries an exemption from the Obamacare contraception mandate. Read more…

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