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Gov Abbott Has a few Words for Illegal Immigrants

Texas Governor Greg Abbott participated in a roundtable discussion on the border crisis Tuesday in the Rio Grande Valley. He warned illegal immigrants not to try to cross into the United States through Texas. And he addressed the fact that he is not satisfied with the penalties for smugglers. Smugglers are often recruited through social media postings to drive illegal immigrants to cities that are located hours from the border.

“If you’re coming toward the United States of America and you’re thinking about crossing our border, and you’re thinking about making your border crossing into the state of Texas, you’re picking the wrong state to enter into,” the governor said. “We’re going to do everything we can to keep you out of our border, to keep you out of our country.”

One change Abbott is talking about making is to put in place a 10-year minimum jail sentence for anyone who smuggles illegal immigrants into the U.S. in Texas. Read more…

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