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Gov. Abbott Prepares ‘Texas Military’ for Border Response

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Military Department to begin mass migration response rehearsals along the state’s border with Mexico. The order comes in response to the Biden Administration’s plans to cancel the Title 42 coronavirus protection protocol, which is expected to drive the already record-setting number of 8,000 migrants to more than 18,000 a day, per a federal estimate.

“The National Guard will begin its first phase of mass migration rehearsals tomorrow [Thursday], to begin the preparation for what we are anticipating to be a potential mass influx of people coming across the border,” Governor Abbott said during a Wednesday afternoon press conference in Weslaco, Texas. “All troopers, and specially trained National Guard, will be equipped with riot gear in case of caravan violence like what we have seen occur in Mexico.”

The governor said federal officials estimate the ending of the Title 42 protocol could lead to more than 500,000 migrants per month attempting to cross the border from Mexico. Historically, about 60 to 70 percent of migrant crossings occur in the five Texas-based Border Patrol sectors. This would mean Texas needs to prepare for more than 300,000 per month — roughly equal to the population of Corpus Christi. Read more…

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