Governors Bringing Back Severe Coronavirus Lockdowns

As coronavirus cases across the United States surge to their highest levels since the pandemic began and colder weather sets in, worrying experts about more people gathering inside for the holidays, governors in several states are reinstating lockdown measures to stem the spread of the virus.

The lockdowns include some of the most draconian measures from earlier this year, putting severe restrictions on where Americans can go, how they can worship and even whom they can see.

Washington bans wakes and funeral receptions and caps funerals at 30 people. It also requires youth sports to only hold intra-squad practices where masks are mandated “at all times.”

Oregon bans indoor gatherings larger than six people from more than two households.

Michigan required a halt in in-person classes for high schools and colleges, and gatherings, including for Thanksgiving, are limited to people from just two households. Read more…

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