Green Groups to Sue Trump EPA Over Agency Changes

A leftist enviro-fascist group called Natural Resources Defense Council is leading the way for a gaggle of fellow econut groups in plans to sue the EPA.

What’s their gripe? That the agency with whom they colluded for eight years under Obama in the ‘sue and settle’ scheme is now no longer playing the game, and that makes them really angry.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has vowed to reorganize the agency and keep it well within the bounds of its congressional mandate, which means that it will no longer assume unconstitutional authority over the environment and the economy.

So, oddly, these lefty groups are going to sue in hopes they can force the EPA to regulate unconstitutionally again.

It’s funny: there were no leftists to be found when the Obama administration conveniently chose to selectively enforce gun and immigration laws.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Environmental groups are looking at a new wave of lawsuits and pressure campaigns to counter Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s plans to reorganize the agency and get businesses to not cooperate with him.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is looking at options to sue Pruitt over his enforcement policy after last week’s reporting by the New York Times that showed the Trump administration is penalizing polluters at a much lower level than previous Republican and Democratic administrations.

The EPA said the Times “distorted” the facts. “The reality is that Administrator Scott Pruitt is committed to enforcement [and] has repeatedly underscored the need to continue to vigorously enforce against polluters.”

The NRDC cites a memorandum that lays out Pruitt’s enforcement strategy, which the group said could form the basis of a major new lawsuit charging that his new direction for the agency violates the Clean Air Act.

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