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Green Group’s Top Advisor a Controversial Chinese Official!

A deep-pocketed green energy group working to ban gas stoves in the United States counts as a top adviser a Chinese government official who has urged his nation to compete with America on climate change.

Pompeo: Biden’s Weakness on Spy Balloon Assures Chinese Aggression
Climate Imperative, a green nonprofit with a nearly $1 billion budget thanks to funding from billionaires Laurene Powell Jobs and John Doerr, lists Chinese Academy of Sciences professor Wang Yi as a member of its advisory council. The group does not disclose, however, that Wang also serves in China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress. Wang even sits on the Congress’s Standing Committee, according to a Chinese environmental research group to which he belongs. That committee consists of government insiders who wield state power to accomplish Communist Party goals when the full Congress is not in session. Read more…

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