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Groomers Are Now Openly Endorsing Political Candidates

The pro-groomer organization, Equality NC, has released a slate of candidate endorsements for public office throughout the state of North Carolina.

Equality NC is an organization that lobbies to give LGBT predators intimate access to children….

Additionally, Equality NC supports state health resources being used to drug and mutilate children who are convinced they are transgender. They will also headline a medical conference at Wake Forest University about “transitioning” sexes for children with a lecture named ”A Caregivers Overview of Puberty Blockers and HRT in Gender Diverse Youth.”

Equality NC has endorsed school board candidates such as Lynn Edmonds and Lindsay Mahaffey in Wake County as well as Judy Justice in New Hanover. They have also endorsed state house candidates such as Ray Jeffers, Brian Farkhas, Allison Dahle, Eric Terashima, Deb Butler, Amy Block DeLoach, Linda Cooper-Suggs, Wendy Ella May, Vernetta Alston, Marcia Morey, and Rosa Gill. Read more…

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