Hail Caesar: Crowds Cheer When Trump Is Killed in NYC Play

Despite losing two high profile donors and being the target of national outrage, the NYC Shakespeare Theater rendition of Caesar continues to go on.

This week two protestors rushed the stage in an attempt to shut down the performance but were quickly apprehended.

But now reports are that the crowds are in on it as well. At the moment in which the character portraying Trump is assassinated, crowds in attendance begin cheering as if they’re in a modern day version of the colosseum.

That’s what it’s come to now in our civil discourse.


Here’s more from American Mirror…

Not even this week’s shooting of a Republican congressman and four others by a crazed leftist, corporate sponsors pulling out, or a disruption by protesters would deter the Public Theater from killing President Trump again on Friday night.

Shakespeare In the Park once again staged “Julius Caesar”  in New York City, and once again a Trump look-alike was stabbed to death to the delight of the audience.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 2.42.07 PM

“I just saw a Manhattan crowd roar with applause as President Trump was stabbed again and again on stage,” Jack Posobiec tweeted after he and Laura Loomer disrupted the show.


Loomer stormed the stage and temporarily halted the performance, to the dismay of the booing audience baying for blood.

After immediately being seized by security, Posobiec continued, “You are Nazis,” as the cast stood on the stage.

So far, Delta and Bank of America have pulled funding for the production, while American Express claimed its support for the Public Theater didn’t go to Shakespeare in the Park. The production’s other sponsor, the New York Times, has been silent on the issue.

Inside Edition has the shock footage from the first performance last weekend:

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