Harvard Law Prof: Mueller Has Done More Harm Than Good

Famed uber-leftist Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has leveled arguably the toughest hit on special counsel Robert Mueller to-date.

Arguing via an op-ed in The Hill, Derschowitz also blames Congress for not stepping in to launch its own investigation into Russia collusion.

He argues Mueller was never given a concrete crime to pursue, which is why the investigation has descended into a witch hunt in search of something to prosecute.

And that reality has opened up the FBI to all sorts of scandal, ultimately which has “politicized our justice system beyond repair.”

It’s not often we agree with leftists, but this one is right. It’s time for Mueller to go.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Go figure that a man known as a skilled appellate defense attorney might have an animus against the idea of a roving prosecutor, but don’t let that keep people from hearing Alan Dershowitz out. He writes in The Hill that Congress should have seized the moment after the 2016 election by creating a bipartisan special commission to get to the truth of Russian interference and how to defend against it instead of demanding recusals and special counsels.

The Mueller probe, Dershowitz argues, compounded the damage that Russia intended to create in the first place:

In this case, the appointment of a special counsel has done more harm than good. It has politicized our justice system beyond repair. The FBI deputy director has been fired for leaking and lying. His testimony appears to be in conflict with that of the former FBI director as to whether the leaks were authorized. Messages by high-ranking FBI agents suggest strong bias against Trump. A tweet by the former CIA director reveals equally strong negative views of the president. Perhaps these revelations prove nothing more than that law enforcement and national security officials are human and hold political views like everyone else.

But these views are not supposed to influence their decisions. In our age of hyperpartisanship, the public has understandably lost confidence in the ability and willingness of our leaders to separate their political views from their law enforcement decisions. This is not all attributable to the appointment of the special counsel, but the criminalization of political differences on both sides of the aisle has certainly contributed to the atmosphere of distrust in our justice system.

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