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Has China Found America’s Deepest Weakness?

A fascinating once-secret Department of Defense report commissioned by foreign policy strategist Andrew Marshall titled “Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism” perfectly illustrates why Western liberalism is failing and China has been on an absolute tear for decades…

Although the report is almost 10 years old, it calls attention to the “anti-racist” CRT-inspired propaganda that was already so pervasive in U.S. entertainment and education. (The author is praising this effort, in contrast to China).

Under Mao, the communists pushed the now-familiar anti-white view that only westerners could be “racists” and that even the Russian communists were suspect due to their “whiteness.”

..The Chinese are perplexed by America’s pivot to “multiculturalism” – “the United States is explicitly rejecting the principles that made the country great, and united it.”

“… all of this conspires to cause the breakdown of American society and the lack of purpose in life …” Read more…

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