Heads Are Rolling: Another Senior DOJ Official Demoted

Another one bites the dust at the Department of (In)Justice this week as more revelations of insider dealings have emerged.

Bruce G. Ohr, now former Associate Deputy Attorney General, was demoted and kicked downstairs after it was learned that he likely was the source shortly after the presidential election from which the DNC-paid firm Fusion GPS was getting its intel to create anti-Trump Russia collusion stories for the media.

He also was found to have met with individuals involved in creating the infamous Russia dossier, which has served as the basis for the dubious collusion investigation by Mueller.

This whole mess is looking worse than the most confounding versions of the JFK conspiracy theories.

Rest assured Ohr’s isn’t the last head to roll down the steps at the DOJ.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Back in August, the lead FBI agent on the Mueller investigation, a guy named Peter Strzok, was removed from that duty. Shortly afterward he was demoted from his position as deputy FBI director for counterintelligence and bundled off to Human Resources.

What makes his case so interesting is not the fact that he was allegedly canned from Mueller’s team for sending anti-Trump/pro-Clinton texts to his paramour, an FBI lawyer who worked for Andrew McCabe and who was also on the Mueller team. Let’s face it, no sane person believes that. You have Andrew Weissmann who sent a fawning email to Sally Yates over her refusal to obey the law and defend Trump’s first “travel ban” and you have Jeanine Rhee, who gave $16K to Clinton/Obama/DNC and was Ben Rhodes’s personal attorney and who represented the Clinton Foundation, as prosecutors on Mueller’s team. No, what makes Strzok so interesting is that he’s the guy who, as head of counterintelligence, received the Trump dossier, passed it about the intelligence community, vouched for it, and who saw that it’s author, Christopher Steele, got paid more money to do more of the same “research.” He’s also the guy who would have signed off on the decision to get FISA warrants on members of the campaign of a candidate for president and the members of a president-elect’s transition team.

Today we find that the dossier has claimed another victim:

A senior Justice Department official was demoted this week amid an ongoing investigation into his contacts with the opposition research firm responsible for the anti-Trump “dossier,” the department confirmed to Fox News.

Until Wednesday morning, Bruce G. Ohr held two titles at DOJ: associate deputy attorney general, a post that placed him four doors down from his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; and director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF), a program described by the department as “the centerpiece of the attorney general’s drug strategy.”

Ohr will retain his OCDETF title but has been stripped of his higher post and ousted from his office on the fourth floor of “Main Justice.”

This is the interesting part:

According to congressional sources, Simpson and Ohr met sometime around Thanksgiving last year, when President-elect Trump was in the process of selecting his cabinet, and discussed over coffee the anti-Trump dossier, the Russia investigation and what Simpson considered the distressing development of Trump’s victory.

How exactly Simpson and Ohr came to know each other is still being investigated, but initial evidence collected by the House intelligence committee suggests that the two were placed in touch by Steele, a former FBI informant whose contacts with Ohr are said by senior DOJ officials to date back to 2006.

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