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Helping People Recover From the Covid Scare Campaign

One of the things I try very hard to do here, is to confront even disturbing news with careful analysis, and to cultivate a relaxed tone, free of the fear that politicians and the press have been using to manipulate people for months and months now. A lot of people are tired of being afraid, and many more will grow tired of it still. In the coming months, our message will only grow more attractive. This message takes many forms, but right now, the most appropriate is probably this:

It’s healthy to have an active social life, and to see your friends and relatives as often as possible, especially at Christmas. It’s healthy not to worry about what medical procedures others might or might not have had. It’s healthy not to worry if somebody has the sniffles, and it’s healthy to be unvaccinated. It’s healthy to show your face in public, it’s healthy to work out with other people at the gym. It’s healthy to shake hands with colleagues, it’s healthy to stand near people you’re talking to, it’s healthy to hug close friends, it’s healthy to go outside, it’s healthy to travel. It’s healthy for old people to see their grandchildren. It’s not healthy to fear the air you breathe, it’s not healthy to fear children, and it’s not healthy to hide indoors.

We’ve gone way beyond a few temporary public health measures to mitigate the impact of infections. Soon our governments will have hijacked two years of our daily existence in service of goals that every day grow more nebulous and unobtainable. We are losing our lives in the hope of saving them, and we have to show other people the way back. Read more…

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