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Here Come the Migrants

It’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around the scope of the immigration crisis in the United States. There are currently estimated to be more than 11 million people here illegally-that’s more than the populations of Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama combined. The lax border-control policies of the last several decades have essentially dumped enough illegal aliens into the U.S. to fill three entire countries.

And that’s before the floodgates open on Thursday when Joe Biden lifts Title 42 COVID regulations and throws open the border.

There’s a massive surge of migrants amassed at the border right now, threatening to blow through our southern boundary and overwhelm the meager resources Biden has sent to deal with the problem. The administration is warning that 13,000 migrants could cross the border every single day. If you extrapolate that over a year, that’s 4.7 million people coming over the border-more than the population of Panama. Read more…

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