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Here’s a Natural Disaster the Enviromaniacs Are Silent On…

The streets of Jackson will begin to drain Monday after days of heavy rain caused the Pearl River to crest just below the major flood stage.

Experts predict the river will remain at a high of just over 35 feet — nearly a foot less than what was anticipated over the weekend — and then slowly subside Monday night.

National Weather Service meteorologist Marty Pope said officials cut back the discharge into the Pearl River from the Ross Barnett Reservoir by 10,000 cubic feet per second this morning. Pope said this will allow the streets in north Jackson to start draining and most areas will be drained by Monday morning.

Jackson and central Mississippi have experienced heavy rainfall throughout August. In preparation for the flooding, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency for Jackson and other nearby areas, some Jackson Public Schools shifted to virtual learning and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency deployed 126,000 sandbags to act as water barriers. Read more…

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