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Here’s Another Angle on Dems’ Latest Culture Crazes

From the American Mind:

I am not religious—at least, I don’t think I am. And I do not know if our institutions are capable of being saved. But our nation’s downward spiral of nihilism needs to be called out, and ideally arrested or even reversed.

Fertility rates are plummeting across the developed world. Doom and gloom over climate change dominates the discourse in advanced economies. Pro-choice activists have shifted their stated stance from “safe, legal and rare” to “it’s a birthing person’s choice” even at full term. Proabortion activists paint their faces red and scream “I love killing babies.” Teachers instruct kindergarteners about their own peculiar sexualities as well-funded international organizations remake pedagogy in the image of “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

The signs of evil are everywhere. But many of us, overwhelmed by the scope of the situation, struggle to make sense of just what we’re facing. “Evil” feels too abstract and uncontrollable. But something less religious-sounding, like “craziness,” is too vague and dismissive. When the supposedly “marginalized” demand a supposed “right” to twerk in front of children, or read books to them in drag, we are dealing with a pathology that is more than neurochemical. Something spiritual is at stake—something demonic. Read more…

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