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Here’s How Florida Democrats Collapsed

The Sunshine State, branded proudly as “the free State of Florida” by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, has gone from being a swing state to a solid GOP stronghold. That was plainly clear in the 2022 election in which Gov. DeSantis beat Charlie Crist and sailed to reelection by nearly 20 points, Senator Marco Rubio defeated challenger Val Demings by more than 16 points, and Florida Republicans wiped out a few lone statewide Democrats. Even in long-time blue counties in Florida, Republicans’ advantage in the state saw them flip red.

As President Joe Biden’s party seems to be increasingly abandoning Florida, just how bad have their losses been? And how significant have GOP gains become? A good place to look at hard data that tells a better picture than lawn signs and boat parades is the Sunshine State’s voter registration rolls.

The latest update to the records was made on Monday, and it includes registration data through the end of January. Read more…

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