Here’s Some of What to Expect in Biden’s Banana Republic

You could be forgiven if you thought that the Pentagon putting out hit-tweets on Tucker Carlson was an isolated event. Since Obama’s purge of his political opponents in the military, it’s been red flags and rainbows for a long time now, as President Trump could certainly tell you. Now with Biden in office, Americans are witnessing a coming-out party of sorts, but for all kinds of Leftist ideologues at the top of the Armed Forces. Abuse of power doesn’t just extend to dropping pregnant women into battle or using tax money to fund trans-sexual surgeries. Let’s go into some examples:

Members of the Guam National Guard marched over to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green’s office in a show of force after she mistakenly said that Guam wasn’t a part of the United States. Guam’s non-voting Congressional delegate paid her a loud visit, with a platoon of his territory’s Guardsmen posse’d up. Call it a visit from “the Squad.”

Commentators are now pointing out how flagrant this corruption is, and how dangerous it is for our country:

One commentator, for example, questioned the wisdom of the military’s campaign to lose American hearts and minds while Washington risks blundering into a war with China over Taiwan: “Man, good thing military leaders just told Americans how much they hate us before DC blunders into war with a serious nation.”

Examples abound, and Americans are best advised to stay informed as to what our government and military are being morphed into under the second Presidency of Barack Obama. Read more…

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