Here’s the Republicans Leading in Two Dem Strongholds

No, I haven’t changed my mind about early voting. It’s still not a relevant story, as the Election Day vote usually chips away at Democratic Party advantages. No one has a crystal ball that’s infallible to see how women, nonwhites, suburban, rural, independents, etc., will cast their ballots. Did anyone think Democrats would screw things up so severely that suburban white women have moved away from them by a 26-point margin?

Did anyone think that 21 percent of Black Americans would support Republicans this year? Latest surveys all point to these projections coming true, which means a night of pain is ahead for liberal America. It’s astounding that for months, as Americans voiced their frustration over a dismal economy, rising inflation, and spikes in crime, Democrats read that as a green light to double down…on abortion messaging. Read more…

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