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Here’s The Truth About ‘Gender Affirming Care’

Woven throughout the current debates over transgender issues, laws, and parental rights is the delightfully banal and Orwellian euphemism “gender affirming care.”

Just about a minute and a half ago, the procedures now known as “gender affirming care” were referred to as “sex change procedures.”

But the organized left, in their diabolical brilliance, seized control of our language once again and twisted “sex change” into “gender affirmation.” And now, if you dare to object to your 10-year-old daughter’s childish demand for puberty blockers, you could be criminally liable for child abuse for refusing to affirm her gender.

But what are these procedures, anyway?

Well, the truth is disturbing, disgusting and nauseating. And it’s not the kind of thing decent people discuss in mixed company. We conservatives have values and standards, after all. And it’s our inherent decency that the transgender activists are counting on. Read more…

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