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Here’s Why Elise Stefanik Demands Accountability for Biden

As more questions than answers develop in response to revelations that then-former Vice President Joe Biden took and stored classified government documents in his private office, GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik is setting the tone for Republican lawmakers.

Stefanik, now charged with organizing the House’s Republican majority, reacted to Biden’s latest muck-up on Tuesday morning.

“Where is the FBI raid on the Joe Biden crime family after the revelations that he stole classified materials while serving as Vice President and stored these documents at Biden’s ‘think tank’ that has received over $50 million in Chinese gifts?” Stefanik asked rhetorically while sharing her reaction to the news exclusively with Townhall.

As Townhall reported on Monday night, classified documents were found in Biden’s post-VP private office housed in the Biden Penn Center’s Washington, D.C., offices. Read more…

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