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“Hey, CDC: Hands Off Pregnant Women!”

It was a typical Wednesday evening as I was cleaning and getting ready to cook dinner. My groceries had just gotten delivered so I waddled out of my apartment without any shoes to grab them right at the end of the hall.

Groceries in hand, I pivoted quickly to start the short walk down the hall back to my apartment when a woman stopped me. Her eyes went straight to my belly (it’s hard to miss, me being 8 months pregnant now on such a tiny frame). “When are you due?” she asked. I awkwardly told her my due date, still shoeless and carrying two giant bags of groceries. The conversation took an immediate turn to a place most conversations have been going these days: “If you haven’t, you need to get the vaccine. I can’t believe how many mothers are depriving their babies of immunity by not getting the vaccine.”

I did my best to give this woman who lives just down the hall from me the impression that I was as vaccinated as they come, but the truth is, I’m not vaccinated and I don’t plan to be. I waddled back to my apartment and sat in my kitchen for several moments, shocked that a woman I’ve never met could insinuate I would deprive my child of anything, that I was already making poor decisions as a mother. The sad reality is that I’m far from the only pregnant woman who has had to deal with this aggressive pressure to inject my body and my baby’s body with something I’m not comfortable with.

Over two-thirds of pregnant women have not received the vaccine. Read more…

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