Hillary Clinton Hits the Campaign Trail

Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is trying to use her celebrity across America to bring about a blue wave of “resistance” to President Trump this November. According to NBC News reports, Clinton will be playing hostess at a series of low-profile, intimate, high-dollar fund-raising “dinners with discussion.” She will be making stops in New York, California, and New York to rub elbows with those wealthy enough to buy a spot at the table. But we couldn’t be happier that liberal candidates are willing to associate their election chances with someone who twice wasn’t palatable enough to gin up enough Democratic votes for a victory.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail for Democrats, hosting a series of high-dollar fundraising dinners for candidates running in blue states, NBC News reports.

Although Clinton has attempted to fashion herself as the de facto leader of the anti-Trump “Resistance,” she won’t be making any public speeches, headlining any rallies, or, really, appearing in public at all. The events scheduled in California, Illinois, and New York will be intimate “dinners with discussion,” where major donors can rub elbows with Clinton in private.

She also isn’t taking any chances in swing states. Two years later, her agenda still doesn’t include Michigan or Wisconsin.

Keeping her campaign efforts on the “down low” is strategically smart, even if it keeps Clinton out of the headlines.

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