Hillary Probe: AG Sessions Considers Second Special Counsel

We’re certain you’ll join us in wondering aloud ‘What took you so long?’ Nevertheless, the reckoning of Hillary Clinton may finally be coming to pass.

According to a letter submitted to the House Judiciary Committee this week by the Department of Justice, the FBI has been running an initial investigation into a number of things including Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, the mishandling of the server investigation by James Comey and others.

Should things continue to progress (i.e. if they determine the potential for criminal activity), Attorney General Sessions will likely appoint a second special counsel to formally investigate the issues.

It could be a very unprecedented situation in which both the winner and loser of the presidential election are the subjects of FBI investigations.

The only question then is which of them will have charges filed.

In an odd twist, the Department of Justice may finally be pursuing justice.

Here’s more from The Hill…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering naming a special counsel to lead an investigation into a list of matters involving Hillary Clinton, according to a Monday letter the Justice Department sent to the House Judiciary Committee.

President Trump’s top prosecutor is interested in further probing a wide range of topics including the Obama-era Uranium One deal that gave a Russian-owned company partial control of U.S. atomic energy resources.

Officials told The Hill that the Justice Department is also currently investigating several issues related to Clinton Foundation donations, the unmasking of American identities by the intelligence community and former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the investigation into Clinton’s private email server, all of which could lead to the appointment of a second special prosecutor if the facts warrant.

The letter comes in response to the repeated appeal of Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.), chairman of the Judiciary panel, who called on Sessions twice this year to appoint a second special counsel who could independently investigate these concerns.

Goodlatte had particularly taken aim at Comey after revelations surfaced earlier this year that he had drafted a statement ending the agency’s investigation into Clinton’s email server before over a dozen key witnesses, including herself, had been interviewed about the issue.

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