Hillary Spent Over $1 Billion to Lose

Hillary Clinton’s post election woes continue to stack up as we approach the inauguration of Donald Trump.

First was the bad news that recount efforts either were halted or yielded few net votes and only further revelations of voter Democrat voter fraud.

Now the news that Hillary spent roughly $1.2 billion on her campaign only to lose to Donald Trump is pouring salt on her wounds.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 billion in her attempt to get elected, double what President-elect Donald Trump spent on his campaign, the New York Post reported, citing FEC records.

Trump needed just $600 million to win the White House.

Clinton’s campaign spent nearly $132 million in the final weeks, compared to Trump’s $94.5 million, according to the Post.

Trump spent $66 million of his own money, $34 million shy of his own expectations.

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