House Democrats Have Begun Drafting an Amnesty Plan to Send to Joe Biden

House Democrats have already started working on a plan to provide amnesty to the 11-22 million (depending on which estimates you believe) illegals living in the United States. Unsurprisingly, bringing in millions of potential new voters is a high priority for Democrats in the House and Joe Biden has previously indicated that he would bring up his own amnesty bill in the first 100 days of his administration. Given that Biden has publicly embraced open borders like no President before him, you can expect he will do everything in his power to get an amnesty bill through if Donald Trump’s court challenges fail and he becomes the President.

Although Republicans in DC are surprisingly soft on amnesty because of all the donations they get from pro-amnesty business groups, most of them can be expected to oppose an amnesty bill out of fear of the voters. That makes it unlikely, but not impossible, that an amnesty bill could get past a filibuster in the Senate. If it comes to that, keep the pressure on the GOP.

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