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House Democrats Push for Amnesty for Millions of Illegals

Thirty three out of 50 Democrat Senators have asked the Biden border chief to grant workers permits and amnesty to up to 4 million illegals.

The open borders Senators asked Alejandro Mayorkas on January 10 to grant “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) — complete with work permits and access to drivers’ licenses. Alejandro Mayorkas is famous for presiding of the recent surge in illegal migration.

Rob Law of The Center for Immigration Studies commented according to Breitbart that, Democrats will turn around and say, “This is not fair! How can they not have a path to citizenship when we’ve given them work permits and told them it’s okay to be here?”… There’s nothing sympathetic or humanitarian about what the Democrats are doing. This is a political ploy. By trying to ratchet [migration] up in increments, they’re trying to hide from the American people that the overall objective is just straight-up maximum amnesty and citizenship for this population.” Read more…

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