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How Biden Is Screwing Around With Obama’s Legacy

It’s safe to say that Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin aren’t best friends right now. That’s a badge of honor in liberal circles whose Russophobia has reached absurd limits. It’s amusing how in 2012, confronting Russia was seen as archaic and a relic of the old Cold War. After 2016, the Left wants to do everything short of nuclear war when confronting Moscow and its interests. With Joe Biden and the rest of the political class-yes, the Ukraine war is a bipartisan endeavor-Russia is suspending its participation in New Start. Both Putin and Biden are slated to deliver speeches today; the former made this declaration at his state of the nation address (via WaPo):

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in a state of the nation address Tuesday that Moscow is “suspending” its participation in the New START nuclear nonproliferation agreement, the last remaining arms control treaty between the United States and Russia. Read more…

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