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How Much for Black American Reparations?!

The question of how much the white race owes the black race for enslaving a small fraction of them is preoccupying a task force in California this year. The group is supposed to put a dollar sign to the reparations that are being considered — the first serious attempt to quantify what reparations advocates believe to be “justice.”

Earlier this year, economic research conducted by the task force figured that each black person in California is owed $225,000 for housing discrimination. Now, Max Fennell, a 35-year-old businessman, has told the task force that all black Californians should get an additional $350,000 to help “shrink the racial wealth gap” and “right historical wrongs,” according to the Washington Examiner.

He also believes that black businesses should get a $250,000 grant and 15-20 acres of land.

“It’s a debt that’s owed, we worked for free … we’re not asking; we’re telling you,” he told the panel, the Daily Mailreported. “The tangibles of what I’m asking for is $350,000 per black American in California — that’s tangible, small business grant $250,000, and land 15-20 acres.” Read more…

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